Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Not glowing, definately not glowing.....

Against my better judgement I was persuaded to buy a famous brand of breakfast cereal - you know, the one that purports to be porridge but better..... the only reason I caved was because we could send off for Shaun the Sheep books if we ate enough of the stuff.
This morning I tried to make some - it seems you can't make it on the stove only in the microwave or by pouring boiling milk on it which I did. It looked and tasted like gruel and nothing like regular porridge. I was a bit bemused as I thought that apart from the added vitamins and minerals (what more excuse does a parent need not to bother finding out how to feed a balanced diet?!) it was just oats. I was wrong - it's oats and a significant proportion of oat flour (aka sweepings from the mill floor?) which means that the poor little dears who eat this stuff don't even have to experience the texture of oats as it goes down their throats!
I paid twice as much as I would have done for organic oats too!

My son was deeply disappointed as he had believed the advertising and thought it would be marvellous - my husband had it right when he explained "good things don't need advertising - if you have to spend millions of pounds persuading people to eat something it must be pretty bad" Now I think that's a pretty good rule of thumb!!

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