Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Artistic pursuits?

The wonderful Melissa Wiley (see blog list for a link) has blogged today about something which "pierced her heart". Well I have to say, after reading her blog this morning, it pierced mine too. How I long to share with mine the joy which comes from music, poetry, literature, science and so on, the sheer pleasure that God has put is in a world with so much to explore. So much of the time what I do seems like pearl before swine as my efforts are ignored or worse still, argued and fought against. There seems no joy in sharing these things if they come as hard fought victories after (metaphorically!!) bloody battles. Something else I was reading on a Charlotte Mason site last night is probably relevant. She talks about Mums needing time to "play" - not with the children, but by themselves in whatever creative, artistic pursuits they choose. I think it's called "me" time - now, where do I find some of that?.........

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