Friday, 6 March 2009

Nothing Much

I'm blogging because I haven't for a while and I really do want to keep this blog up to date and get into good bloggin' habits but what to say? It's been a very productive week on the smallholding, all the paths are clear, the beds are slowly becoming weed free. We've got a huge long bed of summer flowering bulbs (gladioli and the like for cutting) ready to start growing as soon as the weather gets warmer and the fruit garden is all pruned and mulched (muck and straw) ready to go. It looks like we'll be on schedule for planting peas and beans on Monday. I'm really excited that at last I have enough man (actually women!) hours to throw at it. We work on it for two full days every week but I expect that to increase to three during the late spring/early summer months when everything just goes bonkers. Oh and talking of the "patch" we've just "invested" in a cute little terrier puppy of the same name - more about him when I've got some photos!

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