Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Frescos! Every Little Helps...

Today we made frescos. We put a thick layer of plaster of paris in a foil baking tray and painted onto it almost straight away with watercolour paints. The results are much brighter than I expected. Obviously we had to have a Ben 10 one but we also had a suitable oriental looking one. I did my ubiquitous flowers as I can't paint anything else.

We've been working steadily through "the story of the world" by Susan Bauer. It makes so much sense to study history chronologically and it drives me mad that the library only stock the history topics dictated by the national curriculum! A whole lot of stuff happened between the Aztecs and the Tudors don't y'know!!

Anyway, the frescos arose from our study of the Golden Age of India and the Gupta dynasty. Next week the rise of Islam..........

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