Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Here we Go Again....

Well, this is my third attempt at a blog and my goodness knows how many -th attmpt at getting my smallholding off the ground. I hope to create a space for interested parties (we're having a party?!!) to have a nose at what we're all about here at Sunnyside.

Yesterday I had an inspired start to the New Year when some home edding friends joined us for the digging and the barrowing of the compost at -3 degrees or whatever it was yesterday. The kids alternately played in the snow and complained about the cold but hey - it's character building.

Today I went to the knitting group I started with a fellow knitting freak - we talked about wool (mainly Noro if anyone else cares less!) and needles and tension (the knitting kind) with a brief stop for a yoga demonstration in the middle - I've been suffering with a very stiff hip (I actually wrote hop there which is probably more appropriate!) since I took a break from the gym before Christmas - for TWO WHOLE HOURS and as no-one else turned up we had a great time ; )

I must have 5 or 6 knitting projects on the go and I keep starting new ones. I'm trying very hard not to get overwhelmed by the amount of possibilities in all directions that crowd in at the moment - the garden, the smallholding, the house, the home education, work, courses, kids (I typed that list without thinking - reveals a lot about my priorities - no?) How does anyone find time to actually work some-where 9 - 5 every day? Where would life go?!

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